feral intelligence

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hacienda nápoles

so many excellent photo essays featuring abandoned themeparks. this one is unique, though. images from pablo escobar’s hacienda nápoles estate. his first smuggling plane atop the entrance! a giant pink hippo! a crash-landed copter! an abandoned hovercraft! a hovering pterodactyl! crime may not pay but it does sometimes indulge strange obsessions.

the astronomer’s sun

poignant, gorgeous and almost impossibly sad, ‘the astronomer’s sun‘ is an animation by simon cartwright and jessica cope. a man and a selfless mechanical teddy bear. an observatory. a comet. and a memory. a lovely 5min.

winny puhh

estonian band winny puhh entered the 2013 eurovision competition with this rather striking song. upside down drummers? check! hair-faced guitarist/screamers suspended by one foot? check! the camera person seems in on the joke. and i guess now, so are we. sadly, they didn’t make it to the finals.

getting high

getting high requires stamina and, in this case, an elevated crane. here deviantart’s mildlyreactive shares a self-portrait that offers an urban eagle’s eye view of toronto. it’s all part of his ‘rooftopping’ obsession. not all of his perches are strictly legal, but all are exhilarating for his armchair fans.

split-brain storytelling

our left brain makes up stories that try to make sense of the world. so says cognitive neuroscientist michael s. gazzaniga after studying the ways in which split-brain patients perceive and then interpret visual cues. the important takeaway is that the stories aren’t always true.

apocalypse again

‘apocalypse now’ is a monumental work of cinematic art that continues to haunt. in ‘heart of coppola,’ brian carroll remixes film footage with orson welles reading ‘heart of darkness’ and contemporary interviews. all in celebration of the release of the film, 33 years ago this week. 4:20min.

radical openness rant

the word enthusiasm comes from the greek en theo, to be filled with the divine. in the 2.5min ‘radical openness,’ narrator jason silva is a man possessed. his enthusiasm for the evolutionary power of ideas, as accelerated by technology, is contagious. a fine rant.

justice triumphs (for now)

ndaaoverturnedu.s. district judge katherine forrest just did us all a favor. she issued a preliminary injunction against the clause in the national defense authorization act that allowed the government to arrest and hold citizens indefinitely. may sanity and basic human rights ultimately triumph.

tesla gun!

tesla-gun-625x468in keeping with my obsession with all things tesla, this link is definitely a keeper. a tesla coil gun!!! the insanely talented rob flickenger (who, among other superhuman feats, designed and built wireless networks for the UN in africa) couldn’t help himself. he had to build this, um, weapon. our world is better for it.

why movie revenues are down

rogerwhy are movie revenues dropping? roger ebert says it has nothing to do with piracy and everything to do with skyrocketing ticket and refreshment prices, devolving theater experiences, and the failure of multiplexes to show anything but a narrow range of hyped titles. the fact that more and more fans are watching from the comfort of their sofas reinforces the fact that we still love movies. ‘the rest of the industry can’t depend forever on blockbusters to bail it out.’ wise words, mr. ebert.

nothing new under the sun

posters_eyesif you think you may have seen the movie poster for that new flick before, this well-curated look at 13 trends in the artform may well confirm your suspicions. 2 dozen images of stars back-to-back. nearly double that number peering through legs spread wide. a spectrum of single eyeballs. a rash of images all in black and orange. and dozens upon dozens of red dresses. i may need to keep the link around as a constant reference.

fasten your belts!

top_rightwheee!!! finally!!! jetpaks for the masses!! several videos here of actual humans in actual, well, if not intercontinental voyage, then at least, seriously heady, round-the-block flight. the first video of eric scott wearing a rocketbelt is particularly wondrous and terrorsome. if you’re in england, sign up for a class and report back, please?

focus groups of the past

stonewheelsteve jobs didn’t trust focus groups and many of us have seen them go horribly, horribly wrong. so but what if, as this video proposes, the wheel’s success had been contingent on the opinions of a paleolithic focus group? i think we all already know what’s going to happen, but agency draft fcb hamburg did a charming job of laying out the stone-age scenario. and yes, of course, all cavemen must have had british accents.

russian fun

noisecarok. this is the third time this video popped up for me today. it’s nothing short of ridiculous. i have no idea what’s going on. i can’t read russian. but it’s late and my resistance is down. it’s only 30 seconds long. plus, it made me laugh every time. and so i share it. enjoy.

berlin pirates win seat

berlin-piratesahoy! with 8.5% of the vote, berlin’s pirate party just ousted free democrats—traditional conservatives allies—and will now take a seat in state parliament. success followed as the party added broader social issues such as minimum wage to its original platform championing filesharing, anti-censorship, and data protection. center-left social democrats were the big winners. stay tuned for the euro zone vote in 2 weeks.

ancient blatherations

toy2.jpghaha. an old friend, tom jennings, sent a link last nite to a kinda feral something i put together in 1998 for a challenge on the nettime mailing list. the idea was to take a long list of ‘technoblather’ terms and knit them into one narrative. i made it my personal challenge to use as few other words as possible. The entry read:

The crepuscular cowboy blatherations of the crypto-fascist left and the neo-fascist right are just so much penguin dust. Face it. Complex political- cultural articulations are no more than an ideological cyberspasm. Dildonics in a drool cup!

One can invoke the multi-theater warfare and technorealistic-monotheism of Islamic fundamentalism or bemoan the pre-industrial living conditions of information debilitated third-world economies like the Zapatista internationals, but a transnational civil society spouting factoids about local specificities is no longer going to garner broad international consensus. That’s intellectually insane.

What is crystal clear is that cultural and behavioral permissivity (garbage lifestyles) of the subaltern classes leads to deterritorialization and a fundamental phase shift of global proportions. The dominant order may have relied on multinational corporations and the intermediate stratum of consumer-product distribution to impose appropriate cultural forms in the past, but today, raw domination rests with the bandwidth-intensive information-and-service economy.

Ongoing network-based discussions among the new transnational military- economic order would like to suggest that this represents a global hegemony of neoliberalism, or at best a center-left hegemony, but in truth, these circuits of international information exchange will almost certainly harbinger a hegemonic dissolution so fraught with structural unemployment and resource-extraction that the worldmind will boggle.

Our new overlords will be obscenely rich information managers, assisted by their lapdogs, the aesthetic technicians. Relying on the technoid wonders of computer-based art and insidious new information-processing technologies, they will feed us information enriched mental plutonium and we will call it manna. May the gods forgive us.

judas as best friend

judaswe always knew it. and now there is a papyrus manuscript copied three hundred years after jesus’ death that suggests judas iscariot was first among jesus’ apostles. in the text, jesus tells judas, ‘you will exceed all of them, for you will sacrifice the man.’

called the ‘judas text,’ the 26-page document is written in egyptian coptic and is believed to be a copy of a greek text from a century earlier. radiocarbon dating, ink analysis, and multispectral imaging overseen by national geographic all confirm the date, and ancient manuscript experts say the linguistic style and script are consistent with texts of the time.

matthew, mark, luke and john were the four gospel writers sanctioned by the early christian church, but other gospels, written by contemporaries of the new testament authors, have surfaced in recent years. Two of the most prominent are associated with Thomas and Phillip. There are even fragments from coptic papyrii from the same era attributed to Mary Magdalene.

perhaps the most important fallout of the find may be that adherents of biblical inerrancy–those who believe that every word of the bible is true and handed down by god–now have more to ponder than mere discrepancies among translations of the sanctioned texts.

the bubonic plague caused an ice age?

dr.plaguewe know we’re on the brink of tremendous climate change. history tells us that, in fact, humanity has thrived during a relatively rare period of stable and friendly weather. we believe that our actions may well be causing the current weather changes and that’s no doubt true.

what seems less and less clear is exactly what the results of our actions will be. there’s been much talk lately among meteorologists and their fans that the global warming we are most certainly witnessing could cause the currents in the atlantic to stop circulating warm water and bring on a new ice age.

the newest climate rationale making the geek rounds holds that europe’s bubonic plague may have caused the ‘little ice age’ that lasted from roughly the 14th through 17th centuries. researchers at utrect university found changes in cereal pollen that indicated that great forests grew up in the wake of the devastation left by ‘the black death,’ soaking up carbon dioxide and causing the 300-year dip in temperatures.

damned if we do and damned if we don’t? it’s all pretty confusing. i’ve learned to trust the fine folks over at worldchanging.com to stay on top of all this. i hope they figure it all out soon. i have a spring wardrobe to plan.

color me cranky

cheney snarlingwhether or not cheney deigned to visit the bedside of the friend he’d just shot and whether he’s fucking some ambassador are of mild, admittedly prurient, interest to me. what is of much greater interest is cheney’s relationship with his hostess during the shoot, katherine armstrong–the reigning doyen of texas oil society–and the part she played in getting him his halliburton multimulti millions during his brief tenure as a corporate exec. this year’s oil profits alone prove he’s more than repaid the favor. also interesting is the unabashed, hands-off approach texas law enforcement agencies take with the oil royalty of their state. ‘left side of the face? right? drinking? not drinking? whatever you say, ma’am.’

one other thing that’s nagging, nagging, nagging at me is the admission in that cozy fox interview that cheney finagled declassification powers. what other powers does he have that no other vice president ever had? what part have the loyalties exposed by this little hunting accident played in recent global events? and what exchanges exactly went back and forth between the armstrong ranch and the white house during those first, long, silent hours? we’ll probably never know because the press and the democrats are too busy chasing their own behinds, bucking and braying, hoping to impress upon us their own credibility.

the bottom line is that cheney’s behaviors during quailgate only serve to exemplify his much greater sins of greed, callousness, power-mongering, and secrecy. if these larger sins aren’t what is at the heart of media discussions about the event, if there is no attempt to shine a light on the larger discrepancies, then all this blather about whether or not he sat by a bed or valentine-fucked some woman other than his wife will serve as nothing but a cheap little side show. the circus will leave town and all we’ll have left is a some cotton candy stuck between our teeth and the memory of tinny-voiced hucksters arguing about exactly how many bird shot fit on the head of a pin and we won’t even remember why we ever gave a damn.

color me cranky.

MPAA exposed, at last

mpaa/notthe ratings slapped on movies seem harmless enough to many, but the truth is that filmmakers all too often self-censor in an effort to avoid certain ratings (NC-17 being the most troublesome) from the secretive and seemingly arbitrary MPAA (motion picture association of america). the members of the ratings board are anonymous, the criteria used to assign ratings unpublished, and subsequent ratings do not allow for official appeal.

there is nothing new in any of this. but a film being shown at sundance this year finally exposes the MPAA in a manner that may finally bring some much needed scrutiny. director kirby dick’s film, titled this film is not yet rated, investigates the secrecy and arbitrariness of the ratings system and through a series of interviews with filmmakers. the commentary clearly proves that independent films are regularly subjected to more stringent critieria than those of major filmmakers and that violence is given much greater leeway than sex, particularly if it involves gay or nonmainstream relationships. the film will air on the IFC channel in the fall. meanwhile, we wish the filmmakers the best of luck in winning distribution for this much needed film.

thanks to jesse james garrett for the pointer.

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